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We are now offering owner builders the opportunity to finish their partially built NorseBoat or build their NorseBoat LightCraft Kit at our facility in historic Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  This is a great opportunity to work on your own boat in a relaxed, fun setting.  

    We can accommodate your schedule when you order your partially built NorseBoat or LightCraft kit.  You’ll be able to assemble your boat in Lunenburg and take it home to complete the finish work.  

Workshop Space Fees

Costs of assembling your NorseBoat in our Lunenburg  workshop includes a weekly space rental of $100, the cost of consumables you use (epoxy, paint, supplies, etc.), and our labour as needed billed at $45/hr.


There are many B&Bs and other tourist accommodations in Lunenburg.  Please visit the  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia tourism information website.


Glen Cairns, shop manager

Tel: 902.640.3300



Come assemble your NorseBoat Kit at our shop in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia! 


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A family builds their NorseBoat 17.5 in our Lunenburg shop

“Pam, my friend Peter, my mother and I had a fabulous first sail around the basin before tying up back at the dock ahead of the showers.  Magnifique!

J. Crace, owner-builder of

NorseBoat 17.5 hull #100