Small Footprint Solar Homes


    Before founding NorseBoat in 2004 I spent over 25 years designing and building solar homes and renewable power systems.  Still passionate about solar design, I recently partnered with Brian Willis, a carpenter/contractor here on Prince Edward Island in eastern Canada.  We are developing a series of Small Footprint Solar Homes, and are also creating a Rural Solar Hamlet in Wheatley River, Prince Edward Island.

    These solar homes are similar to my NorseBoats...classic lines blended with high performance, and reasonably priced.  And like NorseBoats, our “green” dwellings come in a variety of sizes, from very small studios and guest cottages to modest-size, year-round primary residences.  They have a small footprint in terms of their size and the resources they use, yet they are surprisingly spacious inside.

Our Small Footprint Solar Homes blend classic exterior styles with elegant, comfortable interiors.  They are fun to live in and easy to heat and maintain, perfect for today’s homeowners who want an inspiring, efficient place to live while keeping mortgage and maintenance costs low.

The advantages of our Small Footprint Solar Homes include:

    Classic designs, well proportioned exterior lines and interior spaces

    Cozy, elegant, light-filled interiors that are a joy to live in

    Super-efficient solar construction

    Inspiring design features inside and out

    Low resource use, very low heating and maintenance costs

    Affordability, with options for owner-assisted construction

    Expandability to provide for future needs

    And they look really good with a NorseBoat parked outside!

Small Footprint Solar Homes come with a personalized design service to ensure that your home suits your site, budget and personal preferences; a standardized super-insulated building envelope that is erected locally.  We are developing a pre-engineered interior package that can be shipped to your site, with the shipping container serving as a lockable shed during construction and a garden/tool shed after construction is complete.

The time is right for elegant, efficient, affordable solar homes.  Is the time right for you?

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“The time is right for elegant, efficient, affordable solar homes

Kevin Jeffrey, Avalon House

Small Footprint Solar Homes

Shown below is one of our mid-size solar homes currently under construction (red roof), and one our larger solar homes (green roof), built as a combination family residence and business space. 

    The main footprint of the mid-size home is 20 ft x 28 ft, plus small extensions on the east and west ends for an entry, bedroom/study below and 2nd level decks above.  The footprint of the larger home is 24 ft x 34 ft, plus extensions on the east and west ends and a garage/studio/in-law suite.  The footprint of our smaller home is 18 ft x 24 ft.  As illustrated by the photos below, models can be combined to create the perfect size structure and spaces for your needs.

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