“NorseBoat 17.5...

sexy looking with a sweet sheerline and a shapely

bow profile.”   

Robert Perry, naval architect

" is really fun to get your hands on something like the NorseBoat 17.5, a daysailer whose simplicity, performance, and traditional good looks add up to simple pleasure."

Practical Sailor

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The NorseBoat 17.5

Sailing & Rowing Cruiser

The NorseBoat 17.5 Cruiser is an innovative trailer sailer with a legendary pedigree.  This sailing and rowing boat is perfect for cruising sailors who want to downsize, sea kayakers who are moving up, and daysailors who want a high performance boat with traditional lines.

    NorseBoats are gaff-rigged cats with a free-

standing carbon mast, signature curved gaff yard, fully battened mainsail, optional furling headsail, Harken hardware, two rowing stations, shallow draft, positive flotation and abundant storage. They can be towed with a small car and fit in a standard garage.


Sailing & Rowing Cruiser      

Motorized Picnic Launch (electric or gas)

Basic Motor/Row (no deck)

Low Profile Recreational Rower (sliding seats)

Construction Options


Fiberglass hull, modern ply/epoxy interior and deck.  Varnished ash cockpit optional.


Fiberglass hull, seat/flotation fore and aft, wood thwart and trim.  Sail kit optional.


White hull standard, black hull optional.


LOA                                               17-’6”           5.33m

LWL                                               16’-0”           4.57m

Beam                                              5’-2”             1.57m

Draft (board up)                            0’-9”            0.20m

Draft (board down)                        3’-1”            0.94m

Mainsail area                               105 sq.ft.      9.76sm

Optional jib area                           34 sq.ft.      3.16sm

Optional drifter area                    65 sq.ft.      6.04sm

Mast height                                   17-’6”           5.33m

Mast weight                                                         8kg

Rowing stations                                                    2

Berths                                                            1 double

Storage compartments                                        4

Motor min/max                                               2hp/4hp

CE design category                                              D

Positve flotation                                                 yes

Max persons                                                         6

Loaded displacement                                         495kg

Lightship displacement                                     240kg

Max load (person + gear + outboard)                 735kg

Standard Features

Deck Hardware

(2) bow chocks

(3) deck cleats

(1) bow eye

(2) sets of oarlock sockets


(1) set 9’0” spruce oars w/ leathers and oarlocks

Sailing Kit

• Three-piece freestanding carbon fiber mast

• Fully battened mainsail with 4oz cream

    colour Dacron, two sets of reef points

• Signature curved spruce gaff yard

• Harken Carbo blocks and camcleats

• High quality dacron running rigging

• Composite foil centerboard and rudder

  1. Handcrafted wood tiller

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           NB12.5     NB21.5

New NorseBoat 17.5 Classic model

NorseBoat 17.5 rowing in The Med

NorseBoat 17.5 Electric Launch

Wooden NorseBoat 17.5, Port Townsend, WA

"...inspired by nineteenth-century fishing skiffs, the NorseBoat is designed to be a seaworthy and trailerable coastal explorer... The carefully crafted curved gaff transforms the traditional looking mainsail into a modern full batten fat-roach blade... the helm is forgiving and the boat is easily single-handed"

Sail Magazine

The NorseBoat is a complete, well-conceived, and well executed package... Imagine luxury sea kayaking without the paddling or schlepping of gear..."

Geoff Kerr,

Small Boats Issue

Wooden Boat Magazine

“The NorseBoat was remarkable, fast with excellent secondary stability.  I was impressed.”   

Brett S., San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for conceiving of such a fine vessel.  I look forward to enjoying many more experiences with family and friends.”   David G., Mandeville, LA

NB 17.5 with dodger, bimini and standard camping tent

NorseBoat 17.5 rower (foreground)

NorseBoat 12.5 (background)

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