New NorseBoat 12.5 Cruiser/Tender


The NorseBoat 12.5


The NorseBoat 12.5 Cruiser/Tender is a sailing and rowing boat that blends innovative NorseBoat concepts with a proven, traditional hull shape known for speed and shallow draft.

    This high performance, lightweight dinghy has sweet lines, a sassy raked mast, and two rowing stations. She is ideal as a multi-use tender for sail or power yachts, a classic daysailer or as a mini camp-cruiser. 

    The NorseBoat 12.5 Standard Production model is a gaff-rigged cat with a free-standing carbon mast, signature curved gaff yard, fully battened mainsail, optional furling headsail, Harken hardware, two rowing stations, shallow draft, positive flotation, abundant storage, and a full-size double berth for camp cruising. It can be towed with a small car and fits in a standard garage.

    The NorseBoat 12.5 Basic model is an open boat with seats/flotation fore and aft, wood thwart and trim, and wooden floorboards.  Sail kit optional.


Standard Sailing & Rowing      

Motorized Picnic Launch (electric or gas)

Basic Motor/Row (no deck)

Recreational Rower (sliding seats)

Construction Options


Fiberglass hull, modern ply/epoxy interior and deck


White hull standard, black hull optional


LOA                                               12-’6”           3.81m

LWL                                               11’-2”           3.40m

Beam                                              4’-4”             1.32m

Draft (board up)                            0’-5”            0.13m

Draft (board down)                        2’-3”            0.68m

Mainsail area                                51 sq.ft.        4.74sm

Optional headsail area                  18 sq.ft.        1.67sm

Mast height                                   11-’6”           3.60m

Mast weight                                                         4kg

Rowing stations                                                    2

Berths                                                            1 double

Storage compartments                                        4

Motor min/max                                               2hp/4hp

CE design category                                          pending

Positve flotation                                                 yes

Max persons                                                         4

Loaded displacement                                         450kg

Lightship displacement                                     120kg

Max load (person + gear + outboard)                 330kg

Standard Features

Deck Hardware

(4) deck cleats

(1) bow eye

(2) sets of oarlock sockets


(1) set 8’0” spruce oars w/ leathers and oarlocks

Sailing Kit

• Two-piece carbon fiber mast

• Fully battened mainsail with 4oz cream

    colour Dacron, one set of reef points

• Signature curved spruce gaff yard

• Harken Carbo blocks and camcleats

• High quality dacron running rigging

• Stainless centerboard and foil rudder

  1. Handcrafted wood tiller

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New NorseBoat 12.5 as a yacht tender

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“I couldn't be happier with my NorseBoat 12.5. She handles, rides, and tracks well. The sailing rig is simply genius. Thanks for building such a unique product.”  David S., Holland, MI

NorseBoat 12.5 sail and deck plan

NorseBoat 12.5 Basic with wood trim

17.5      21.5

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